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Strip Experience, the best what you can find in your upcoming trip – private strip show, lesbo show, mud wrestling even fat Roly Poly stripper! See some skin in the sin cities!

About Strip Experience

The light goes off and she comes out of the darkness. Goddesses, an illusion that will make you believe that you are the only man in the universe. You know it isn’t real. But who cares. You will see naked boobs. Booze and boobs. That’s what is it all about. Men’s weekends away. You know that and we know that. And we are ready to bring you a unique strip experience. From Bratislava to Berlin, we help you to spice up your days. We offer the best of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Something for every taste - stripper, roly poly, mud wrestling, body eating. All with a professional service and in the best venues. Please note, Strip Experience is member of Experience Buddy Family, where you can check our different activities.

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Array ( [50] => Array ( [id] => 50 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Prague [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => prague [description] => The City of a Thousand Spires has become one of Europe's most popular travel destinations. Amazing Prague with history dating back over a thousand years will take your breath away with its gothic grace and renaissance architecture. From Prague Castle over the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square there's a wealth of spectacular sights, thrilling attractions and vibrant neighborhoods. But don’t forget Prague has much more to offer than just a pretty face. The cosmopolitan city is famous for thriving culture, astonishing world-class museums, lively music and a choice of the finest lagers in the world. Perhaps you will look even further and discover also the naughty side of the city that never sleeps. [img] => 579ef1b12a6dd-prague.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) [78] => Array ( [id] => 78 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Brno [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => brno [description] => The historical city of kings, Brno is full of amazing historical monuments. The inspiring metropolis is a center of one of the most innovative regions in Europe and also one of the main trade fair hubs in the Central Europe. Bust most importantly, it’s a very young and creative town full of students and great opportunities! It’s also one of the cheapest cities with amazing quality of beer, superb chill out places full of greenery and wonderful Czech women! Come and enjoy the atmosphere that hasn’t been yet spoiled by hordes of tourists and find out how good it feels to taste all kinds of pleasures of the local life! [img] => 581c6b12a909e-brno.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 2 ) [79] => Array ( [id] => 79 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Bratislava [country] => Slovakia [slug] => bratislava [description] => The famous Austrian capital stands shoulder to shoulder with one of the youngest capitals of the world. With Bratislava. The inexpensive sibling of Vienna is small enough to manage on a short visit. You won’t need much time to be swept away by the beauty of the city stretched on both banks of the majestic Danube. Its historical Old Town will please your eyes with many great examples of gothic and baroque architecture and a little touch of Communist influence. The city’s impressive aesthetic qualities will surely take your breath away, but largest in Slovakia offers way more than that. And it is waiting only for you. [img] => 579ef248746d5-bratislava.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 3 ) [80] => Array ( [id] => 80 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Budapest [country] => Hungary [slug] => budapest [description] => Thanks to the wild Danube that separates Buda from Pest, the city of music offers one of the most striking panoramas in Europe. It gives you an unmistakable feeling that something out of the ordinary is just around the corner. And the feeling is absolutely right and it doesn’t matter where in Budapest you go. Whether it is historical Buda with medieval streets, museums and caves. Or dynamic Pest known for the largest parliament building in Europe, riverside promenades and coffee houses. It doesn’t matter how long you’re gonna stay in Budapest. Enjoy it, stroll around its streets with gorgeous architectural mixture, taste its fabulous cuisine. And turn night into day with some of the hottest Hungarian chicks. [img] => 581c6b2368041-budapest.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 4 ) [81] => Array ( [id] => 81 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Amsterdam [country] => Netherlands [slug] => amsterdam [description] => Amsterdam. The city of sin. The city that somehow manages to have it all and yet still keeps the small town charm. Locals use the Dutch word ”gezellig” when they talk about it. Convivial or cozy. Feeling that you can’t describe, feeling that you have to experience. It won’t be difficult to find it. Stumble upon it as you take a walk into the past via one of the world-famous museums. It may be swimming by when you sail along the river Amstel admiring pretty bridges and the buildings of the city that meld history with modern. Perhaps it is produced in brewery together with fantastic beer. Or maybe you get it from a lady of the night. [img] => 581c6ac203146-amsterdam.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 5 ) [82] => Array ( [id] => 82 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Berlin [country] => Germany [slug] => berlin [description] => Berlin, the capital of Germany. Vibrant, unpredictable and irresistible. You have probably already heard of its famous Wall. Since the fall of this Wall, Berlin has become a big multicultural metropolis. The story of the divided city reflects in its iconic sights. Thanks to an incredibly varied history, the city is like an endlessly 3D book where the past is very much present wherever you go. Berlin was bombed to bits and divided in two and it is now one of the trendsetters of Europe. It seems only the sky’s the limit in this party paradise. And yet it still maintains its laidback lifestyle and irreplaceable charm. [img] => 581c6ad073cd7-berlin.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 6 ) [83] => Array ( [id] => 83 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Hamburg [country] => Germany [slug] => hamburg [description] => One of the largest port cities in Europe and the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg is a beautiful town with spectacular architecture that ruins classic German stereotypes. You can find amazing opportunities for walks around the Hamburg port but also many famous monuments like the Bismarck sculpture or the Hamburg town hall. But Hamburg is also one of the most sought after party destinations – it even has its own, German version of Amsterdam’s Red Light District called the Raspbereen! The city lives with entertainment and as an adult, you will find there plenty of very tempting opportunities to fulfill your desires! [img] => 581c6b4abe36e-hamburg.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 7 ) [84] => Array ( [id] => 84 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Munich [country] => Germany [slug] => munich [description] => Located at the foothill of Alps, Munich’s the Bavarian capital and the third largest city in Germany. Mnichov’s landscape is defined by the Isar River flowing through the city with a number of beautiful islands that are home to famous Deutschen Museum, but they are also frequently sought-after leisure destination of locals and tourists. However that’s not the only thing that makes Munich well worth visiting. The city’s nightlife has become an increasingly popular attraction, with amazing beer gardens and night clubs that belong among the best in Europe! On the top of the food chain there is a plethora of adult entertainment options that make Munich such an attractive night-life destination! [img] => 581c6b543dbaa-munich.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 8 ) [85] => Array ( [id] => 85 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Cologne [country] => Germany [slug] => cologne [description] => Discover the magic and beauty of the metropolis on the river Rhine! There plenty of ways how to do this – you can visit the astonishing historical monuments like the magnificent gothic cathedral, take a river cruise underneath Cologne’s bridges or you can go out, meet new people and enjoy some wild night action! The thing about Cologne is that everyone will can find something that resonates with his personality. Cologne has that special ability to produce feelings and emotions! Locals have therefore given Cologne nickname “the city of feelings”. Whatever feeling you may be looking for, Cologne can produce! [img] => 583e9bc0e54a8-cologne.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 9 ) [86] => Array ( [id] => 86 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Stuttgart [country] => Germany [slug] => stuttgart [description] => When Stuttgart is brought up in a conversation, everyone has a different idea on their mind. Some will instantly think of wine, others will think of fine arts and most men would probably recall the latest Mercedes-Benz (or Porsche for that matter) car advert. One of the largest cities in Germany and the cradle of cars, Stuttgart is a city of many faces! On one hand you have all the incredible medieval castles and chateaus. And on the other hand you have an ultra-modern architecture and plenty of shopping malls. Let us not forget all the wild festivities and long nights of partying that will satisfy even the most-hardcore party animals out there! [img] => 583e9bc8839a8-stuttgart.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 10 ) [87] => Array ( [id] => 87 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Warsaw [country] => Poland [slug] => warsaw [description] => Poland’s capital since the end of the 16th century, Warsaw was almost completely destroyed after the Second World War only to be completely build up again during a relatively short period of time. The restoration of the Warsaw city center is so spectacular that it was named among the UNESCO heritage list. Warsaw has been expanding quickly in recent years, with the city’s panorama changing due to the construction of new skyscrapers. The investment boom has also gave impulse to major development of the local night life, which has been thriving in recent years. We totally recommend to start your night by a cocktail drink or a shot in one of Warsaw’s many stylish bars scattered across the old town! [img] => 583e9bd77d361-warsaw.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 11 ) [88] => Array ( [id] => 88 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Gdansk [country] => Poland [slug] => gdansk [description] => Not too many European cities have been a close witness to such important historical milestones of the 20th century like the beginning of the World War II and the collapse of communism. Gdansk , formerly known as the German port of Danzig, has also been brutally destroyed and then renovated to a large extent, much like the Polish capital Warsaw. But Gdansk has always been a strong and prosperous city state by itself and that self-confidence is substantiated by the fact that it is the wealthiest city in Poland. Gdansk’s beautiful city center is full of cafes, bars and clubs and feels very lively and energetic. Night in Gdansk contains plenty of seductive secrets waiting to be discovered! [img] => 583e9be09844f-gdansk.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 12 ) [89] => Array ( [id] => 89 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Poznan [country] => Poland [slug] => poznan [description] => The second most important trade center in Poland (after Warsaw), Poznan is equally important from the historical point of view. World famous trade fairs organized in the city have an amazing tradition dating back almost a century ago – 1925. The city boasts with a number of unique historical monuments like the renaissance town-hall, Cathedral Island or the Prussian castle. But trade and culture is not the only thing to be found in Poznan as the four sides of Stary Rynek in the city center are packed with plenty of stylish bars and clubs. The party rules are quite simple – make new friends and have fun untill the last customer leaves! [img] => 583e9becc31a7-poznan.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 13 ) [90] => Array ( [id] => 90 [id_activity] => 8 [title] => Wroclaw [country] => Poland [slug] => wroclaw [description] => One of the most beautiful Center-European cities, Wroclaw is mixture of Polish, German and Czech influences. The city boasts with fascinating historical monuments and is full of bizarre dwarfs that quickly became one of the city’s iconic attractions. Wroclaw is also nicknamed Polish Venice due to Odra River flowing through the city and splitting into 12 islands connected by hundreds of bridges. No wonder people living or visiting Wroclaw love to hang out on little boats, relaxing and enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the city. But make no mistake, the city is far from sleepy when the sun sets down! You will find most of the bars in heart of the city – the Old Town market square! [img] => 583e9bf746a89-wroclaw.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 14 ) )

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